• MARIONS NOUS. A good idea which allows the bride and groom to make up their mind in choosing the right talents, away from conventional images. Stylish and original, humorous as well as being emotive.
• OUI MAGAZINE. Pier-Yves Menkhoff cap-tures with humor and naturally each instant of your day.
Pier-Yves Menkhoff moves without interrupting the proceedings and never ask the bride and groom to pose. The camera is discrete. Emotion is clearly reflected by the films. It is a souvenir which will remain with the couple.
Doing away with tra-ditional images of the family picture in front of the town hall. The camera of Pier-Yves Menkhoff ventures towards the registration desk to grasp the emotion during the exchange of vows.
Pier-Yves is transformed in "Doisneau" of the video by immortalizing the moments of your life. He pursues details, hanging baillements like sermon in glances moved during the assent. Emotion, here is what makes the difference.
• LE MONDE DE L’IMAGE. The reasons of his success ? A very particular sensibility during the shooting and the editing. Pier-Yves Menkhoff moves a lot during the ceremony, but in discrete manner. It gives the impression that he uses several cameras.


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• Dear Pier...
I like your films. Because I don't have the expensive equipment. And your style, your films show me that.... You just only used the simple cameras, simple lens with tripod, monopod... You don't zoom, don't pan, don't used slider or another expensive equipment. But you can make a very... very... good films. I learn filming from your works...
Thank you..

Sahatorn Thaitham.


Hi Pier, 
Thank you for the email. The video was amazing as promised and exceeded our expectations. Yes, we will let you know sometime this week as to when we will download it, so busy since coming back to the States. We live in New York, and yes we will keep you in mind when the time comes. Celine & Paul.

Hello Pier Yves....
Our video has arrived and we love it!!! It's natural, unposed, great lighting, and just what we were hoping for. Really well packaged and extra movies to share with our family.
Thank you so much for the lasting memory of our wedding, and we will definitely be in touch again if we ever need your kind of service. Thanks again. Amy and Marc..

• Waouh !! It is super good !!! We laughed and we cried. It's just mythical! The editing is really great. Thank you, Pier-Yves. Carole & Matteo,

• It was so great to have you come to Kansas City for our special wedding with Kyle and Ashley. You added a very special flavor to our special time in our family. You are so welcome to come back to Kansas, anytime. I will definitely ask you to come to Kansas to help us to commemorate our special events in the future.
I want you to know that you are part of our family now. Please come back to Kansas, bring your son, stay as long as you like. Love you,  kisses on both cheeks. Chris.

• Pier-Yves was absolutely wonderful and such a wonderful person to work with. Ashley and I are so thankful that we had him be able to shoot our engagement proposal in Paris. We loved Pier-Yves so much we asked him to fly to Kansas City for our wedding in 2016! You will not be disappointed with his work. You can tell he puts everything into each occasion he does and tries his best to not only capture the event itself but the surroundings in what makes it truly special. I would not have any other videographer other than this gentleman. Kyle Davis.

• We got the DVDs and we've watched them several times. They're excellent! You did a great job capturing the atmosphere of the whole day in Ravello. This must have been very difficult since you were working alone. The quality and editing was also perfect and the colors worked out just beautifully. Thank you very much. Your work is very much appreciated. Best wishes. Baba, London.

• I just wanted to say thank you very very much for our wonderful wedding video, we are extremely happy with how it turned out and is a great way to relive our big day. We will enjoy looking back at our wedding for years to come so thank you so much for catpuring the atmosphere so well. Thanks and kind regards. Collins, Dublin.

• Dear Pier-Yves, We would like to thank you again a lot for the film! The photos on the cover are also very nice! We would be very grateful to you if you could also send them per e-mail :) We watched the movie yesterday, it is very nicely made. The quality is really perfect, we enjoyed it a lot! You are really a very creative and talented artist and we would recommend you to any of our friends in Europe or outside! The film helped to create a very valuable memory of our event :). Melvin & Sherin, Koblenz.

• Dear Pier-Yves, we watched it Sunday night!!! We did really enjoy it and it really captures the mood and feel of the the day in a very natural way!!!  I especially liked how you did the cocktail, although perhaps this was a bit more "dramatic" in the way you presented it with the helicopter!!  A nice memory to be able to pull out every so often when we might want to "get married again" and take a look at it!!! Thank you to you and it was a pleasure to have you at the wedding!!!  All the best to you in the future. Thomas Press, Switzerland.

• Dear Pier-Yves, I received the edited DVD and the footage. The video is just wonderful, you did an amazing job!  The music and credits are a lovely touch. Thank you so much for working with us. Kelly and Nicolas did not receive a DVD yet, correct? They will be thrilled, I can’t wait until they see the video. Many thanks. Christina, Burbank

• I must tell you that the DVD is absolutely incredible, you are everything I had hoped and dreamed! I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am ! Again, you are spectacular and believe me I have worked a s a professional in the business for some time. You however have an eye that captures the moment and the emotion within that small second of time. If only I look this way forever! I do hope you enjoyed our wedding. Merci Beaucoup! Catherine Wall, New Orleans.

• Do not Stop to making movies because your are the Best. Always with my love. Sophia Dere, Athens

• Thank you very much for our wedding video. It was really great and we watch it over and over remembering our happy day. Thanks for being there for us, on time, and everywhere we requested you. Peita Seixton, Switzerland

I would like to thank you for an absolutely wonderful wedding video! You have great talent, Pier-Yves. I knew you would do a great job, but the video is even better than what I thought it would be. It is the very BEST wedding video I have ever seen. Carlos and Nancy, Chicago.

• Thank you, very sincerely for your video. Alain Ducasse, Monaco.

It is completely BRILLIANT. Your work is truly amazing. Everyone comments on how artistic it is! Dedae Jawde, New York.

I am Gregory's mother. I was absolutely spellbound by the film you made. I have seen countless wedding videos and I have never liked any of them, until I saw this one. You are fabulous. My daughter is getting married in Montreal, Quebec on Sept. 20 th. Since seeing the video last evening I was thinking about whether or not you would be available to travel. Please let me know as soon as possible if it is feasible. Best regards. Shatz, Montreal.

Merci for your wonderful work on the wedding. I believe you will have much success in New York in the future. Lena Farley, Boston

• Pier-Yves, Thank you... Not just for what you did, which was wonderful, but for the way you did it.... Thank again for the beautiful video + for spending our special day with us !! If you are ever in the U.S., please look us up !!! We will definitly be showing off this video + recommending you here in U.S. !!!! Thanks again ! The Hanna's New York..

• Hi, Pier-Yves Your video has been a big hit! Everyone loves it - from the cover, to the picture on the DVD to the video itself.  Can we get 2 additional copies from you?  Bzur and I have given 5 of the 6 away, and we want to be sure that we have several left for ourselves. Thank you.  I hope that you had a good trip overall to the US and that your fall is going well. Jeff, London.

Good morning!  Firstly thank you very much for the DVD's. I got them last night. Love the picture on the front and the film is fantastic. The music, the composition etc is truly stunning. In any event the DVD that you created for us is just a fantastic memory to keep and one that I am sure will get many viewings. Its just a shame the priest was so poor ! Anyway thank you. once again for everything that you did for us before the wedding and during. We will be sure to drop you a line next time we are in Paris!  All the best. Helena & Peter, Boston.

• Hello Pier-Yves, We received the 3 DVDs today and watched them - they are very beautiful. We love the movements from one scene to another, the music you added, and the style... We look forward to receiving the new copies. Thank you very much, kind regards. Lena and Thierry, London.

• Dear Pier-Yves, I wanted to drop you a line to thank you very much for the DVD that you sent. Both Maria and I thought the production was wonderfully professional and truly reflected what to us was a perfect day. In truth we cant get enough of it. Once again thank you for helping to prolong our experience. Kind regards. Dan, London

• Hi Pier-Yves! I received the video yesterday... GREAT JOB!!! I really loved it! I think it has the perfect length, not too long, not too short; some effects were really nice (such as the black&white pictures) and it was all very natural, which is definitely the best quality I appreciate in videos and pictures and which videographers and photographers often forget here! And the music you put in was also a very good choice! Well done! And thank you soooooooooooooo much for sending both the tape and the DVD, it's been so kind of you! Best regards. Daniela, Roma.

• Etc.